The Ice Cream Shoppe: Through The Looking Glass...

As you enter this famous P.G. landmark, you know that you are in for an ice cream ecstatic experience. Surrounded in bright colors, rock and roll treasures everywhere you see...the smell of fresh organic waffle cones awaken your taste buds for the many treats for you to choose from.

It is the Ice Cream Shoppe from Your Childhood!

There are amusements for more fun and laughter. Henry the Horse for childhood joy and memories... Elvis Pin Ball Machine sometimes rumored to be inhabited by the Spirit of "The King." The Rock and Roll Museum features rare albums, collectible posters, figures, and all kinds of Fun!

Lappert's Gourmet Ice Creams and Coffees are made for the person looking for only the best. In addition to our extra rich Premium Lappert's Ice Cream flavors, we feature outstanding health-conscious no/low fat, no/low sugar ice creams that many claim are their favorite of all our 50+ flavors.

Our Premium Ice Creams are created from the world's finest ingredients: Guava and Macadamia Nuts, Pineapple, Mango, Kona Coffee, and Coconut just to name a few. Lappert's Ice Cream is classified as "Super Premium" which means it is the smoothest, richest tasting Ice Cream of your dreams!.

The Ice Cream Shoppe in Pacific Grove is a Truly Wonderful Place!